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My Creative Evolution

Stepping in the world of machinery 1954.   I came into the world... 1959.   At the age of five, I made my first “invention” -- a hydraulic integrator (water clock). In the presence of my family I filled a tin-can with water, made a small hole in it and starry-eyed watched the water slowly draining from the tin. Perhaps that was my first encounter with the pressurelike and flowlike attributes of the world, deeply impressed me. Thus I was sure that one day I will become a technician. Coming to know of electricity 1964.  As a ten year old boy in a primary school I was captivated by the magic of electricity. The first electrical device that really intrigued me was a DC bell given to me by an electrician acquaintance. It was a real mystery to me how the bell vibrated on its own, but I managed to figure it out... I remember “inventing” something like an inertia sensor or what at present, in  security systems, is referred to as tilt sensor . I fixed the screw cap of a small electric bulb to a