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My Creative Evolution

Stepping in the World of Machinery 1954.   I came into the world... 1959.   At the age of five , I made my first “invention” -- a hydraulic integrator (water clock). In the presence of my family I filled a tin-can with water, made a small hole in it and starry-eyed watched the water slowly draining from the tin. Perhaps that was my first encounter with the pressurelike and flowlike attributes of the world, deeply impressed me. Watching me do that simple experiment one day I was sure to become a technician. Coming to Know of Electricity 1964.  As a ten year old boy in a primary school I was captivated by the magic of electricity. I remember “inventing” something like an inertia sensor or what at present, in  security systems, is referred to as tilt sensor . I fixed the screw cap of a small electric bulb to an elastic terminal of a 4.5V flashlight battery so that the other bulb lead should touch lightly the stiff battery terminal. Then I enclosed this “device” in a box and launched it in