Circuit Fantasia

I started this interactive site in 2002. I created most of pages by means of Macromedia Flash (now Adobe). Unfortunately, in 2021, Adobe stopped Flash Player. However, there is still a way to watch Flash movies - this is the Ruffle Flash emulator. You can add their extension to your browser (see also another explanation). Or, worse, you can download the exe files below; they have an embedded Flash Player.

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How to Understand, Present and Invent Electronic Circuits

Creation shows how I created my philosophy Flash
        My philosophy is a short history of my "life-work"
        Examples of inventing tells how I revealed the secret of op-amp inverting circuits in four steps
        Product description is a table of contents of the web site
        My creative evolution is an initial version of my bio (see the present full version)
        Acknowledgments to my colleagues
Penetrations shows my great circuit insights Flash
Papers is a list of my materials published until 2006
Wikipedia is a list of my Wikipedia contributions (until 2006)

Circuit Stories on the Whiteboard
Main list of circuit stories (understanding, building and inventing)
                Simple current source shortened     real loaded                 
                Simple BJT current source
                Widlar op-amp current source
                Inverting op-amp current source
                Howland op-amp current source
                Negative impedance converter (NIC)
                Op-amp ammeter
                Op-amp RC integrator     roll     short
                Passive voltage-to-current converter
                Passive current-to-voltage converter
                How do we create a virtual ground?
                How do we invent constant current source?
                Current biased bridge
                How do We Create Dynamic Resistance?
Tutorials Flash
        Build to understand circuits (uncompleted)
                Introduction reveals the philosophy of this novel approach in electronics education,
                Table of contents Part 1. In the kingdom of electricity (passive circuits)
                Unit 1-1 (Voltage causes current) introduces the first most elementary building blocks
        Op-amp interactive builder "builds" over 40 op-amp inverting circuits with negative feedback         
        Strange Things can be Put in the Feedback Loop (after Tom Hayes's Student Manual) builds over a dozen op-amp circuits with a disturbance put into the feedback loop
Collections Flash
                Heuristic tools
                Basic principles
                        Passive circuits
                                Peripherial blocks
                                Time-independent circuits
                                Time-dependent circuits with:
                                        Current output
                                        Voltage output
                                        Current input and output
                                        Voltage input and output
                        Circuits without negative feedback
                        Circuits with negative feedback is based on the powerful "active copy" principle (e.g. negative feedback):
                                Evolving followers presents circuits in the following order -- non-disturbed -> disturbed -> deliberately disturbed -> varying disturbed,
                                Interacting NFB systems shows that like people in society negative feedback systems may interact, for example
                                        aiding each other or
                                        opposing each other
                                        aiding & opposing
                                Modified circuits
                        Circuits with positive feedback
        Circuits is hierarchically organized old circuit classification
                List of circuits  html
                Circuit library  html
                Examples of passive building blocks:  Flash
                        I-to-V converter creates the opposite current-to-voltage converter
                        Passive summer builds the compound passive resistive summer
                        Active summer transmutes the passive summer into an active one
Circuit Questions & Answers
        Great questions contains general questions about circuits
        All questions contains "ordinary" questions about circuits
        Week's questions
        Circuit lessons

Paradoxes of circuits is another part of the site started in September 2003 where I show the great paradoxes and absurds in electronic circuits
        List of paradoxes


Circuit Conflicts
        List of conflicts

        List of principles

Building schemes
        List of schemes


My students
        Spring, 2004
                My teacher's story
                        Elementary Passive Converters with Current Output
                        Elementary Passive Converters with Voltage Output
                        Compound Passive Converters with Voltage Output
                        Passive Integrators and Differentiators
                        Diode Circuits
                        Transistor Circuits without Feedback
                        Transistor Circuits with Feedback
                        Op-amp Amplifiers with Negative Feedback
                        Op-amp Converters with Parallel Negative Feedback
                        Op-amp Circuits with Positive Feedback
                        Components and Sub-systems for Analog-Digital Signal Processing


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Home page

Elementary circuit building blocks

Circuit tutorials

Build to understand circuits (intro) (download exe)

Build to understand circuits (unit 1) (download exe)

Circuit builders

Op-amp inverting circuit builder (download exe)

Strange things can be put into NFB loop (download exe)

Inductive differentiator (download exe)